FMT Manufacturing and Stool Bank

World’s largest stool bank

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FMT-related deaths in America linked to US donor screening.

Media reports worldwide are linking the death of two patients and the hospitalisation of a further four patients in the United States to unscreened pathogens in FMT implants provided by a major US FMT manufacturer.

About Us

TML.Science® is Britain’s first independent Manufacturer and Stool Bank of FMT Implants, supplying medical professionals with high quality microbiome.

TML.Science® Manufactures Faecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) implants for use in a clinical setting.

We are Europe’s first independent FMT manufacturer and “Stool Bank” founded in 2011.

TML.Science COVID-19 update

We immediately stopped manufacture when the Covid-19 entered the UK population. We will be testing for Covid-19 just like all the other serious pathogens that we screen for so when we restart the manufacturing, we included a Covid-19 test to the screening panel. 

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Frozen implants

What we do

TML.Science® utilises screening procedures that ensure that every FMT Implant is screened for pathogenicity.

We do not store the whole stool. We screen, test and extract our material and form a 30ml concentrated extract of the human lower gut microbiome. We are a supplier of microbiota implants of guaranteed quality and safety, without the unnecessary waste materials that no recipient needs or would benefit from receiving.

All our implants undergo a rigorous screening process.

  • All our implants are quarantined for a 90-day Infection Window Period (IWP90).
  • TML.Science® harvests and stores the active Microbiome.
  • TML.Science® supplies FMT Implants on receipt of Named-Patient Orders, to medical professionals in the United Kingdom, Europe and from around the World.

Our implants are supplied from the ultra-deep-frozen state at -80°C and cryo-packed to arrive still frozen, at most destinations.

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Our donors

Healthy diversity from our donors is key to providing Faecal Microbiome Transplants (FMT).

Each stool donor provides a diverse microbiome tested for pathogens. Healthy diversity from our donors is key to providing Gut Flora Transplants (FMT). We extract microbial cells from donated stool to create Gut Flora (FMT) implants.

Every Taymount stool donor undergoes strict screening, plus repeat testing every month. This promotes the safety and quality of their gut flora.